Donald Trump will win 
wind life give him wind 
Vengeance will come 
and this old battle will be won 
when it comes to Donald Trump, 

Eyes of hate is on all faith 
terrorists and liars are all on Hillary side, 
But when it is all said and done 
Donald Trump will build the walls
and he will stand up tall when it comes
to Americans lives, 

Terrorists are killing on the young and old
making the world turn cold; 
Donald Trump will stand strong 
to a world of hate that has truly lost faith
snakes from the other-side is come around 
in Americans lives, 

The Devils roar and yell like hell
because Donald Trump is on the run
to fight for all mankind right 
He will shut the doors 
to all blood shed cry's from the other side
that has killed millions of lives, 

Donald Trump holds Power 
like a strong Trump Tower 
he will rock this evil world 
and make them cry like little birds
We all know Donald Trump is a white wealthy man
that puts his own money to run for us, 

We live in a world of true terrorism
that doesn't belong in our world 
bullets will fly from the other side 
to kill away our loved ones 
why the President Obama has taken our guns away 
just to have us killed like sheep 
then watch us weep as we bleed, 

But in this crying end
Donald Trump will win 
and he will stand up like the Liberty
for you and me.

Poetic Lilly J Emery (c) 


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