Don’t compete where you can’t compare

How you watching me 

& still can’t copy my flow 

How tf you thought you was one of us 

You come from a two parent home 

I come from a broken home 

You hating on me 

& I wore hammy downs

I never had my own always had to share 

What you know bout 7 girls in one room 

What you know bout getting knock out by a nigga that suppose to be your father 

What you know bout me 

Copying me 

& still can’t be me 

I’m to real for the fake 

I move so fast I had to mow my grass all the snakes cut em off

So I can rise to top & be whom I’m suppose to be 

Who god choose me to be 

The hate I heard it 

The snakes I seen em 

The betrayal I felt that 

The knife 🔪 I took that shit out 

& blew your fucking top back 

Baby I told  you I wasn’t average

Idk y you taught I was begin dramatic

You fell in love with the body 

Whole time I’m demon 

You tryed to finesse me 

& I dust you r.i.p my nigga 

Put you up on shirt 👕 

Have your kids crying y you leave them so soon 

When I speak you better listen to me 

Yall always saying yall here for me 

When I look up it’s nobody here for me 

Always saying you gonna die for me 

Be the main trynna line me up 

Be nice to these niggas for what 

He gonna fuck her her & him 

Shit I’m finesse em get that bread that head & slide 

On crip

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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