Domestic Violence


United States
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The Silent Tears She Cries
Night after Night
Looks Down At Her Scars & Bruises
Questions herself: “why? Why me?
I know I do not deserve this!”
Wants a Way Out
But is too Naive and thinks its loves
She stays Punch after Punch
Kick after kick
Insult after Insult
Because of this thought of “love”

She does not realize her value
Her power
Her strength
She gets up after every knock down
Thinking it’s the last
But the next one comes in just a blink of an eye

Her kids watch
Her friends know
They see that she is physically drained
Emotionally damaged
No longer laughs
Is no longer herself
She tries to deny it
But it’s so evident
She is unhappy
But puts on a mask
Thinking it will all be ok

She thinks
“Is it really love when my only gain
Is to endure all this unfair pain
I do nothing wrong but it’s always my blame?!
When I am kicked, shoved, getting hit?
He gets his sexual pleasure
Against my will
I have no say
So I have no choice but to just lay there
Continuously getting raped”

She no longer feels beautiful
All he says is “your ugly,
You’re stupid
You’re useless”
After hearing it so many times she believes it
She thinks this is all she deserves
Not knowing that this is not “Love”

It’s no longer about us
It’s no longer about our kids
It’s not longer about our relationship
It’s not longer about knowing happiness
It’s all about trying to survive
Living one more day

Will this ever be over?
Will she give up?
Will she make it?
No one really knows
She must stand up for herself
Before she can longer physically stand the pain
But it is not that easy

It can happen to anyone
Young women
Married women
And even men
When love is mistaken for power
When one must bring the other down
No more lives should be lost or put at risk
We must unite and be the voice
Of those lost souls that have lost their power



You speak facts, Glenda.

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