Dolphins Love

Dolphin’s Love
By:Brandi Utley

On Friday afternoon around 3 in the afternoon, I went to the beach by myself. I decided after some time of sitting on the beach and looking at the vast ocean, to go for a swim. The water was calling my name so I eventually caved in. I realized I didn't know how to swim. After all my thrashing about along came a beautiful dolphin that saved the day. I grabbed hold of it's fin and we swam to an undiscovered island with a pretty coral reef surrounding it. The dolphin broke a piece of coral and offered it to me to eat. I politely declined its offer. Instead it found me a nice sized fish. I heartily ate half of the fish and offered it to my new friend the dolphin. While we were eating it said “My name is Shelley. What is your name?” I replied “Nice to meet you Shelley, my name is Brandi. We should be friends.” Shelley told me that she was in search for her family that abandoned her when she was 3. I agreed to help her find them. She told me her parents names were Mary and John. She also has siblings that she doesn't know about. Shelley took me on her back to the last place she saw them last. Shelley told me her secrets and I told her mine. If I agreed to help her find her family, she would teach me how to swim. I then helped her find them. It turns out they were on the other side of the island looking for her. What a sweet reunion it was for her family to see her again. Shelley taught me how to swim and I got a ride by holding on to her fin. We went back to shore and she waved her fin goodbye. I said to Shelley that I'll see her soon. Shelley told me thanks for the help.

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