You are frighten and unsure.
You feel weak and stupid.
As they all called you before.

“You can never do this
Because you are too small and fragile,
You would break”
For you are their porcelain doll.

You don’t have a voice
All your own.
They speak for you,
And you don’t object.

You sit on a shelf instead,
Waiting to be used and told
What to do, what actions to take,
What to say, what to think, and how to act.
You are nothing but a doll to them.

So little doll,
Hear my voice of reason,
You are not a toy
And you have feelings that
You don’t share because you are scared.

You are a human
Who hides from the world;
Who won’t speck
In fear that you are wrong.

Little doll,
You are so much more.
So climb down from your high shelf
And open yourself.
To share your story;
To share who you really are.

For you are no
Porcelain doll.
You have a voice
That you let others smother
To almost silence.

It is time to shout and be heard!
Give your opinion and
Sing your song!

You won’t stop your fear,
It will live deep inside you;
Where it will stay for
All your days.

But your fear won’t control you anymore.
Once you stand your ground and stop
Acting like a porcelain doll.


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