Does he?

Open doors become left waiting at the diner

"You look beautiful" turns to "I hate the color of that sweater"

Holding hands becomes crossed arms and cold shoulders

"Everthing will be okay" turns to "How come you can't do anything right?"


When "I love you" seems like something just to say

To fill space between arguments or make amends

It loses the joy and happiness it once brought

Love loses it's meaning.


Love should be sincere

Love should be ongoing

It shouldn't feel forced

It shouldn't feel restricting.


"Actions speak louder than words" seems like an overused cliche,

But this phrase has meaning...


The word 'love' is thrown around like it's nothing:

"I LOVE this pizza," "I LOVE that outfit," "I LOVE that show!"

But love, true love, 

Means so much more


"Love is patient, Love is kind

Love does not envy, Love does not boast"

Does he consult you when you feel like everything is going wrong?

Does he constantly build you up?


"Love is not self-seeking,

Love is not easily angered."

Does he look out for you?

Does he stay calm in the midst of disaster?


Does he?


Or does he fly off the wall at any little roadblock

Does he squash your name in the mud just to make himself look good

Does he disregard your feelings

Does he blow up over the little things?


"I love you" should never feel like pressure,

like a heavy weight on your shoulders;

Love should lift you up.

Love should encourage.


So if his "I love you's" feel restrictive,

If his actions break you more than build you up,


None of this is true love.


I beg you, please look closely.

Pay attention to his actions.

Too many times are we easily pursuaded

By surface-level looks and empty phrases.


Love isn't lust,

It's a care for someone's well-being.

I want every girl to know

That there's more to you than what he sees.


Take care of yourself.

Smile every single day.

Don't waste your time on a guy

who brings you more pain than happiness.


I want you to know that you matter,

Because I love you.


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