Does Anyone Care (Slam Poem)

Sat, 07/15/2017 - 00:01 -- kwil

There are days when I feel  


That no one simply cares.

 Perhaps if I were to die their lives would be on pause.

For a moment,  

And maybe, just maybe they would grieve  

The loss of an innocent soul 

Or perhaps they would be glad 

To have rid this world of  

A Tortured person 

You see if I were to die  

Tomorrow or today 

It wouldn't matter for long 

Their lives would just go on. 

You see at night I can't sleep 

Because of the shadows that haunt me, 

The voices that taunt me  

They never leave my side  

Taking me on this emotional roller coaster ride 

Without so much as an argument to contend 

That leaves me burned out in the end. 


I'm all alone again  

Just as I was yesterday and before then  

I'm counting the seconds that tick past  

As though they would be my last. 

And when tomorrow starts without me 

And I won't be there to see  

If the sun should rise, 

Will you be there for me?

Will you watch the dawn break

By the lake?

Will you remember my favorite songs?

And sing along to them.  

Will you tell someone stories?

Of who I used to be.  

Will you come visit me in my grave? 

Because you never did while I was still around. 

You waited a day too late,  

And now I’m buried beneath the ground. 

Will you think of all the things?  

We never got to say.

How we never got to have that conversation, 

And for the rest of your life

will you wonder why?

I never got up to say good bye. 

Will you wish you could turn back time? 

To somehow make me understand 

Just how much I meant to you.  


You see a part of me is so desperate to know  

That if I had died  

Will anyone have cried? 

Will your heart be broken?  

In the same places mine is

Will you feel the loneliness?

I felt or the sadness,  

That dwelt in between  

The cracks in my walls. 

I just want to know  

If I ever truly meant something  

To anyone at all. 

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