Doctor Strange's Foe

A supervillain named Kaecilius has contaminated the water, which is bad;

When Namor finds out what Kaecilius has done, he gets mad.


Namor gets his fellow Defenders to help him fight Kaecilius, as you can see;

The Defenders search for Kaecilius and I'm speaking truthfully.


When the Defenders find Kaecilius and the villain sees them, he uses his magic to try to attack the heroes;

Kaecilius is Doctor Strange's foe.


Dr. Strange uses his magic to defend himself and the other Defenders, which is great;

Contaminated water is what everybody hates.


The Hulk delivers a thunderclap to knock Kaecilius down, which is cool;

Namor and the Silver Surfer beat up the crazy fool.


When Kaecilius is beaten, the Surfer makes a black hole and I'll tell you why;

It's so Dr. Strange can use his magic to toss Kaecilius into it and that's no lie.


After Dr. Strange tosses his foe into the black hole, the Surfer closes it;

Dr. Strange's foe, Kaecilius, is full of shit.


Dr. Strange also uses his magic to clean the water, which is smart;

Dr. Strange always has goodness in his heart.


When the water is clean, the Defenders go away;

The Defenders have saved the day.


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