Do you see those burning ashes

Do you see those burning ashes? 

Their dying embers reveal the remains  

Of a past life. 

There is no happiness to be found in destruction: 

Death is a tragedy, one that burns brightest when  

It strikes suddenly. 

A baby's crib melts like the heart of a mother 

Who can no longer find a reason to live. 

Her tears cannot sate the roaring flame's desire. 

Her husband clings to life 

As he attempts to fulfill an innate desire to 

Protect his family. 

His struggle is futile, he will die this very night,  

leaving behind nothing more than a burned husk 

Of the man they once knew. 

While his memories cannot be destroyed, 

The reality of his sudden departure is made no easier. 

A son turns his back on the fire, 

No longer able to watch. 

His sadness will consume him, and hold him 

Back from his great potential. 

In this way, the fire consumes him too. 

A daughter stares into the flames without blinking. 

She takes in the fumes, and while she does not realize it now, 

It will be the fuel that propels her towards her dreams. 

All the while, a friend tries to make sense of it all 

From a decrepit gothic church,  

Laughing with tears in his eyes, wondering why  

the world is so cruel.  



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