Do You Remember That Cold September

I wonder do you remember

that cold September?

how you dwelled inside your castle

thinking about me ,

Oh how you once seemed to love 

watching me out from my bedroom window

you watch while my tears would fall 

that is what you loved most of all .

they would remind you of the time

when you had all control over me

like a remberance of murmurings

the canticles lights that spark like ashes in your eyes,

oh how memories in darken dreams come alive

what appeared to sleep suddenly awakes with time

Dark Angel you had never truly been forgotten 

You will always be remembered every September.

come tomorrow I shall try to forget

Oh how I do regrate ever knowing you 

every night I do sleep and dream of you 

your eyes are always on me 

your touch is cold 

your name is always calling me in vain 

Do you remember that cold September ?

When you had taken me down in silence 

and made my life a living Hell 

Will I will never forget you .


Poetic Lilly Emery (c)


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