Do You Remember?

Fri, 08/03/2018 - 17:34 -- Poet95

Do you remember when I was small and frail

And you wanted nothing more than to see me fail

Remember when I was a threat

Because I passed our mother's tests

You must remember your anger

That spread through you like a cancer

Does that ring a bell?

How about when you made my life a living hell?

Do you remember bashing my head against the ground

When no one else was around

Remember the power you felt

Whipping me with the cruel words of your belt

You must remember the pain we both suffered

At the hands of our mother


Do you remember when I was mild and meek

And you made my mind weak

Remember the games you played

Day after day

You must remember how you tried with all your might

To make me cry myself to sleep at night

You always succeeded

Like my silent sobbing was the only thing you needed

Do you remember when you said I was a failure of a child

And how its pain made you smile

Remember the tears you cried

Every time I didn't believe your lies

You must remember when I screamed “I'd Rather Be Dead”

And you told me “Go right on ahead”


Do you remember the pain you caused

And putting my happiness on pause

Remember the manipulation

And the intimidation

You must remember my pleas

To just leave me be

Does that ring a bell

Because you pulled me into this hell


I was lucky to escape

Given everything that was at stake

I was blamed

For your ever growing pains.

Even after all I suffered

And all the times you threw me into the gutter,

I can't hate you

Despite all you've put me through

I am grateful

Rather than hateful

My pain has made me into who I am today

And I wouldn't trade that away

I am stronger

Now that you're in my life no longer

I use your unrealistic expectations

As my motivation

To be a better person

And to help ease my burdens

I can't change my past

And this pain won't last

Better days are ahead

When you won't be inside my head

I can see a light at the end of the tunnel

An end to my struggles

Today I am tall and mighty

While you are frail and tiny

I am a phoenix rising from the ashes

Of a life once tragic.


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