Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?

By Jovanna Justo

In Loving Memory of my cousin Fabiola C.



Do you remember how we used to play?


I remember.


I remember the way we used to laugh

Harder than we could ever imagine.

The way we danced around the room without

A care, or when we sang our favorite

Song until both our lungs ran out of air.

When play time finally came to an end

I would hug you and say ‘see you again’


Do you remember when we used to talk?


I remember.


I remember all of us together,

Crowded at grandma's house fighting for a

Spot on the tiny bed that we grew up with.

The smell of all our feet would fill the room.

While we talked and imagined how our lives

Would turn out when we would get older.

When our family gathering time would end,

We’d hug each other and say ‘see you again’


Do you remember the last time we met?


I remember.


I remember walking in the restaurant

Waiting for your head to turn as the

Bell hit against the top of the door.

Giving you the surprise of our presence on

Your very special graduation day.

Your smile brighter than ever and a

Hug that felt like forever was returned.

All of us together, admiring

Your achievement and praising your hard work.

My mother tapped my shoulder saying ‘it’s time to go’.

We hugged each other and said ‘see you again’


I always ask myself,


Do you remember the morning call?


I always do.


I remember waking up to a sound

Of hysteria in my parent’s room.

As I made my way through the door,

I saw my mother crying on the floor.

My dad was on the phone trying to calm

My aunty down as he held back his tears.

Afraid to ask what was going on,

My mom looked up and broke the news.


I remember that last day I saw you.

Your body at rest more peaceful than ever,

I kneeled down infront of you in complete

Heartache, playing back those moments when we

Played and talked all as a whole.

Just a couple more minutes before I

Let you go, i say my last prayer.

I wipe my tears and hold your hand,

I stand up and say “I’ll see you again”

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My family
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