Do you remember?

Do you remember those crazy drawings?

The day we laughed till we cried.

The day we traveled together it was your first time to a water park.

The day we screamed because a gross zombie jumped at us on the tv.

Those days of fun and delight .


Do you remember those terrible days?

The day your cat died of old age.

The day your dog protected her puppy,

Instead of the puppy, Your dog got eaten by coyotes.

The day your mother told us that your kitten ran away.

Those days filled with dread.


Do you remember those entertaining days?

The day we baked brownies to prove we could.

And how we did,we put to much nuts in it

The day we had a water fight and accidentally got your parents

. The day I had a fiesta and had extra cupcakes

And have an epic cupcake battle high scholar style

And spent the rest of lunch cleaning our hair.

           And our faces.

                                  And our clothes.

                                                          And our arms.

                                                                             Remember those days

                                                                                                 And remember that you are not alone.



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