Do You Remeber Me?

Tue, 03/29/2016 - 23:40 -- CSpach

I still think about you.
And it's been years. So long ago that the only actual memories I have of us are before age five.
I remember you like the summertime freckles splattered across my face, you are the snippets of my first memories, you were there the moment I learned how to remember.
Like the universe is playing a twisted joke on me, like you were the reason I learned how to remember, and the reason why.
I still think about you.
And I still wonder if you think about me too.
Am I tucked away in the back of your mind like something you keep hidden but will never throw away, or am I a childhood drawing you threw in the trash long ago when rummaging through your room and you realized I had no meaning to you anymore. And it was only a dumb drawing from when you were little.
I still think about you.
You were there from the beginning and you'll be there 'til the end because after all these years,
I still think about you.

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