Do You Really Love Me?

A healthy relationship?

Is one of trust

You cannot let your past define your present

You cannot assume that because you were hurt once before, that it will happen again

To trust is to be open with someone

To have confidence in someone

To have faith in someone

To rely on someone

To trust is to believe in someone.


A healthy relationship?

Is one of honesty

Honesty and trust

Which work together as one

You cannot trust when there is no honesty

Honesty is to be truthful with someone

To be open with someone

Honesty is to be sincere.


A health relationship?

Is one of safe communication

Safe communication is being able to speak freely with someone

To not be afraid of what they might think

Or say

Or do

To not second guess your words

To not have to think before you speak

Safe communication is to not only be able to speak,

But to be able to listen.


A healthy relationship?

Is one of compromise

Compromise is being able to work with one another to come to a decision

To talk things through with one another

To listen and communicate

Compromise is to share.


A healthy relationship?

Is one of support

Support is to be there for one another

To listen to each other

To give advice to each other

Support is to assist however you can.


Because I Love You does not justify your hurtful actions

It does not excuse the fact that you are hurting someone

Controlling someone

Damaging someone

Abusing someone

Someone that you claim to love

The words "I love you" are strong

They have a positive meaning

And that meaning is taken and changed into a means of demeaning or degrading someone

Because I love You is not an excuse

Love is shown through actions, not just words

Do not say "I love you" unless you mean it


A healthy relationship?

Is real love

And if someone truly loves you

Then you will know

By the way they show it.



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