Do You Know Who I Am


Take away the phone in your hand and the nonexistant makeup on my face.

Take away the blue eyes and red hair that never stays down.

Take away the freckles on my face and the scars from a lost battle with acne.

Take away the scar on my chin from when I thought I could fly.

Take it all away and you may just see who I am.

You may see the insecurities that wrap tightly around me and suffocate me when I'm alone.

You may see the voice that points out every flaw, every wrong step that I take.

You may see the voice that talks about worlds and creatures only I can see.

You may see the words that swim in my head and demand to be written.

You may see my fears for the future, my fears of suffocating where I stand.

You may see the bitter lonliness that fills my very soul.

Take away my fears and my sorrows, take away those long nights spent with tears

And maybe, just maybe you'll see who I am underneath.

Maybe you'll see what no camera has seen before, what no eye has ever glimpsed.

Maybe you'll see me. If you do,

Please tell me who I am.

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