Do you know?

Do you know how it feels?

Do you know how it feels to be broken?

Do you know how much words hurt?

Sticks and Stones will break my bones,

But words… words will kill me on the inside.

Isn’t it enough we hate ourselves?

Run from confrontation? That We Fear people?

We are so broken inside…

Do you understand? Can you understand?

To cut yourself until you can’t even stand?

To wake up every morning and wanting to die?

To open up your eyes and realize you are still alive?

To cry because you have to face them again?

To not understand why you didn’t die?

Feeling that no one wants you? Not even death?

Have you felt that turmoil inside?

It gets so easy to say “I’m Fine.”

It’s such a freaking lie!

In reality we are

F***ed Up


Never good enough


We are broken, pushed, and crushed

To the point where we can’t breathe…

Why are we punished so severely!?

We just want to go home!

We don’t mean the place we live in

We mean Home, Heaven or Hell again

We slice our skins open because we are angels wanting to go home! Or demons trying to escape this human host

Attention-whore, Stupid, Suicidal Bitch, just kill yourself already! No one wants you!

Do you know what those words do to us?

We’ve been through hell and back.

They make hell seem so much homier

And they question the way we act…

The way we Hide, The way we stayed away from everyone

Do you know how much you have broken us?

Do you know how much we hide?

Do you know how much words have hurt us?

Do you…? Can you…?

Can you understand… the fear, the pain, the trauma we have been through?

Can you understand what we have been through?

“Cheer up! Someone has it way worse than you!”

That doesn’t help… it pushes us deeper in The Cloud… The Cloud of Depression…

It is a bucket of artic water to us, You don’t F***ing care! You never did care!

Can you understand how that feels?

If you haven’t suffered or felt this pain and say you understand… You are a Liar.

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