Do You Hear Them

Thu, 05/23/2013 - 14:46 -- QuensiT


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Do You Hear Them?
Their whimpers, and cries.
Can you hear them?
Pouring out their hearts.
Can you see them?
Begging you with their dying eyes
Can you feel them?
Shivering, struggling to hold on to life.
Can you smell them?
Dried blood of unspoken pasts.
Shattered and broken they go.
Hurt and unloved they are, but know
That today they were able to wake up
That today they would see the sun rise to the setting of the sun...
Knowing that tomorrow will never come.
Some people need a hand, We need help, Everybody needs saving...
But they need a miracle.
Can you smell them?
Can you feel them?
Can you see them?
Can you hear them?
Do You Hear Them?



I want to be a Veterinarian or Veterinarian Technician. Ever since I was 2, I knew what I wanted to be. I have a strong passion not just fopr dogs, but for all types of animals, even wild ones.
Or just join in volunteering at organizations to stop puppy mills and put an end to animal cruelty!! :)

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