Do you hear me yet?


Some people say

We are not up to par

Then I ask them

Have you made it this far?


Are you a family

Tall and strong?

Do you stand

In the far and long?


We made progress

But perfect we are not

How we are blind

And how we forgot.


It used to be

That we were one.

Families were all

And a friends was a son.


But do we listen

To our own?

Do we ask

Or make it known?


I needed help

I asked everyone around.

Did you listen?

Or did you just hear the sound?


I’m going to jump

You didn’t care

I told you this

You didn’t share.


The words didn’t matter

You didn’t see

How your lack of care

Affected me.


I will always listen.

I will always see.

Help I will never deny

To those in need.


So I will go

And make you see

You should have listened

And saved me.


I will survive

Without your hand.

But I will miss

This family land.


You should have listened

And saved me.

Saved us.


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