Do what is right.


She hides herself behind a bulky jacket, and wears a hood to cover her face.

She says everyone hates her... that she's never in the right place.

She can't even see through the tears in her eyes,

but what she doesn't know... those were all lies.

In a dark corner, not easily seen

there's a boy dressed the same, even holes in his jeans.

He thinks she's amazing, he wishes to help her

but he's too quiet, too shy to stand up for her.

So he sits in his corner, dark and defeated,

watching people treat her how she shouldn't be treated.

Maybe if he had shown her the way,

she might have shown up to school the next day.

No one even noticed she'd gone,

no one even noticed the gun she had drawn.

Now he feels like the worst person alive,

and swore to himself he would do what is right.


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