Do Not Support Gays

Gays use the term homophobic to try to embarrass straight people.

Here is something that straight people should know.

It is not wrong to be homophobic as some people claim,

But it is wrong to be a homosexual or a lesbian.

So do not mind it when gays call you a homophobe.

Nobody can force anyone to like homosexuals and lesbians.

Let them go to hell with their obscene practises.

It seems that the nasty gays are embarrassed to be gay,

But straight people are not embarrassed to be straight.


If the world were to start over, could two men or two women do it?

No way, we would certainly see the extinction of humanity.

Straight people do not need a legal right to be straight.

So why do the filthy gays need a legal right to be gay?

The law should not get involved in this downright crap.

If I met the legislators in person, I would tell them to kiss my ass.

It is better to be called a homophobe than to be gay.

We have the right to like or dislike anything or anyone at any time.

Do not support gays in contaminating us with sodomy and lesbianism.

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My country
Our world


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