Do Not Disturb


“Do Not Disturb” The sign doth read
It’s taped upon my door
It’s just upstairs and to the left
The sign you’re looking for

“Do Not Disturb” It’s not for me
But rather, it’s for you
If you go in there then you shall find
A quite horrific view

“Do Not Disturb” I lied before
It really is for me
It’s where I hide my bits inside
I wish you not to see

“Do Not Disturb” Lest you might find
A strange unsettled mind
I fear all people yes indeed
Even my own kind

“Do Not Disturb” The thing in here
Staring at the screen
It spends all of its time online
reveling in what its seen

“Do Not Disturb” The sign doth read
Although I know not why
“Do Not Disturb” Is the curtain
Which I hide behind


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