Do Not Buy It!

There is a gift

Deposited upon your doorstep

Waiting just for you,

Open it if you will

Take that chance at regret

Its contents are calling to you,

Or leave it outside

Go clean your home

Let it stay where thieves reside let the elements therein make its tomb,

But it does not decay

When you pass it upon leaving

Day after day,

"Free to a good home"

Held no effect, huh?

So it begins to gnaw

Under the skin it crawls,

Until one day you've got to bring it in

Instead of trashing it in the bin

Just get a peek at the contents inside,

Before from the sheer anxiety

You die....

What's that? It's mere childrens' toys!

Why, they even resesmble those your from Home

It's your dinos and friends

With all the pictures and memories shown

There's the logs from Lincoln

The kit for burning wood

Then it hits as this weight should,

You look to see a child

Standing there

He's got your face and your hair,

He is peering into you

Quite perplexed

Pondering how you drove your dreams from inside

Out of your head,

Quite naturally you begin to cry,

Why? Why have you let our dreams die?

We were supposed to be an astronaut

Or a leader to our peers!

But- No this little one says!

You allowed our Sacred Hopes to disappear!

You think bills pay themselves?!

You look at you quite queer.

Do Not Buy In To The Sum Of Your Fears!.. Remain In Touch With Your Little One..

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