Do I deserve?

My eyes open

Immediately I get up as fast as I fell asleep.

My ears can hear sounds again.

The birds singing

And the silent wind comes into my room slowly.

It feels like a new day

But I wonder.

Oh God,

What was your reason?

Why did you grant me this day to have?

Do I deserve another moment of seeing your sunshine?

Do I deserve another step to walk on the surface of your earth?

Do I deserve another moment to see your beautiful creations?

Do I deserve another moment to come face to face with your image?

Do I deserve another day to seek for an essence that's impossible to find?

Do I deserve the love I feel, as your calming breezes pours over my soul?

Do I deserve to taste the flawless food you have given me?

Do I deserve the time you give me each and every day?

Do I deserve another blessing that was granted to me unconditionally, with a no refunds policy?

Do I deserve,

Do I deserve

Do I?

I don't.

I live for the moments, blessings, and days that I do not deserve.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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