Do I

Do I wanna know or not?

Could I even stand the thought?

The very foundation of my heart is at stake.

Being held together by the stitches of time.


Am I overanalyzing?

The thought is tantalizing.

A premeditated action, or a simple mistake?

Is this a hill that I am willing to climb?


I've come so far, but I seem to be stuck.

Is this gonna scar? That'd be my luck.

How could someone have the heart to do such a thing?

Or maybe it's their lack of one... I can hear the fat lady sing.


This time with a voice, piercing and cold.

She laughs at my pain, the new and the old.


She's not shy about it either,

She sings in my face.

But I can make it stop...

Gone without a trace.


Boy that'd be nice,

I could forget it all.

The deception, the secrecy,

That cursed love into I'd fall.


I should've seen it coming,

He wasn't very good at hiding his tracks.

Maybe I chose to ignore it...

I didn't have solid facts.


But all is clear now,

The veil of lies has been lifted.

I gave him one too many chances,

Fuck this kind heart I've been gifted.


Giving the benefit of the doubt,

With every suspicious action.

Like a pair of work shoes,

Without any traction.


When the going got tough,

And the floor got slippery.

I'd fall into his web of lies,

A master of trickery.


But I gotta pull myself together,

Be strong, move along.

Break these chains by which I'm tethered,

Sing a new song forever.


For there will come a day,

When my heart will meet it's match.

For there will come a day,

When my eye he will catch.


The question is then:

Do I wanna know or not?

Could I even stand the thought?

Of getting myself hurt again.


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