Do 6's and 7's Go with you to Heaven


United States
38° 56' 7.4724" N, 90° 8' 24.4968" W

Inferior to all humanity
Keep every pair of J's in your gold-platted vanity
Live in a trailer, but all name brands is insanity
Broke living is a form of profanity
But, since you're living so lavishly
Only dating females just for their nationality never for their real personality
Always got the nerve and audacity
nasty hoes way over maximum capacity
Would you like another iPhone your majesty?
Saying no is a simple technicality
Massively failing test, yet a scratched shoe is a calamity
Castle living for you and your royal family
Smoke weed, get high is your mentality
R.I.P. to your savings that's a real mortality
No Money, no hoes might bring you back to the galaxy
Head too big, you're finally feelin the gravity


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