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A heart lies in fragmented pieces
A family has fallen apart

All of the sweet taste in life ceases
Teenage life comes with a hopeless start

Siblings begin to be replaced with friends
Bad influences are soon in control

A yearn for a family still contends
Under the influence there is console

Nothing could replace the void in a heart
The masquerade of felicity hides the actual emotions

The value in life begins to depart
The amount of tears shed were enough to fill up the seven oceans

My family has been divided by divorce
My whole life has been filled with a bitter remorse

Having to live with not being a part of your sibling's life
Everyday i am forced to go threw a never ending strife

Always be thankful for your family
Never take each moment with your family for granted

Love your parents and siblings equally
Just be glad that you are not where my shoes are still planted


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