The Divine in Us All


I wake up each day and hear

About a world that is full of hurt

And tears.


People are dying,

Children are crying;

“The world’s a mess,” they say.

“Human beings should just go away.”


And I wonder why,

Why everyone’s looking at the ground soaked in blood;

No one’s looking at the big blue sky--

No wonder their eyes are full of mud


I see the beauty in this world.

In every petal of every flower

I see the kindness in this world

In every heart, I see the power


I feel the earth move beneath my feet

I know that I am small

That this world is so much bigger than me


But I know that this world is flawless


A Universal design

This world is flawless

And I’m a part of it

And that’s what makes me--

What makes us all--


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