Divided </3 Heart

To be lead by a divided mind will very well end in destruction, but what about the heart? Everyday i live to shower my love down upon the one that entrusted his heart to me. I wake up with visions and strong pulls of passion and i am lulled to sleep nightly by memories of his soft whispers of intimacy. In my dreams however, i am an island rocked by an erratic tsunami of lust; with each wave being stronger than the one before it, but the desires of my body temporarily over shadow my faint cries for an emotional rescue. Seldom times though, there can be a period of peace. At that time i attempt to cry out from the deepest pits of my pain but I'm choked by an inner force that opposes drastic change. Then once again I am awoken by my desire to share my love but this time I'm weighed down by inner conflicts. If only i could hear from the source: "your affection was misplaced" i could surely be whole again..... To my blossoming love and to the relationship i could never fix.


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