Distortion of the Heart

You're all that's ran through her mind, 

overthinking and lack of sleep,

What was it about you that captivated her?

Why was she in so deep?

Two years ago she was different, 

but the girl you once knew has changed,

She's trying hard to move on from you,

but she fails to keep estranged.

Ignoring you is pointless,

Her heart races when you're close,

You're a drug that's way too toxic,

and she can't afford another dose. 

At first she played your games with you,

trying to keep up with your pace,

she thought she was the one who fell short,

but it was you who lost the race.

Now you're regretful for leaving her, 

Because the other girl broke your trust,

Surely, you've learned your lesson now-

its better to choose love over lust.

Don't think that she is waiting for you,

For a while that ship has sank,

You decided to let her go, 

you only have yourself to thank. 

I don't doubt we couldv'e been something,

We started off on the right track,

But life got in the way, you see,

its too late-we can't go back.

Until now I never understood these words,

my mother once said to me,

Sometimes people can fall in love, 

but they're just not meant to be. 






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This poem is really liberating for me. I am trying to move on from my past, but that is very hard to do when the past keeps coming back into my life. I can never truly move on until I face the fact that no matter how hard we tried, we just weren't meant to be together. Sometimes you can be attracted to someone, or care for someone so much-but you are meant to go separate ways. You can't toil with fate or be angry that something didn't work out. Just go with the flow, and take everything with a grain of salt. What is truly meant to be, will be. 



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