Distant Love

It is now 3 A.M. and I find myself searching

Within the pitch black ceiling above

Suddenly seeing..

Though we are hand in hand, we could never be

As close as we once used to be.

Laying here, thoughts of "what if's" fill my head

Tears, from my heart, I begin to shed

Reaching across the deserted area next to me

A place where you should be

Anger then fills my soul, screaming and shouting

As if I were standing a top a mountain

Wishing you could come rescue me

Knowing that the person I once fell in love with

Is no where to be found

No longer am I yearning for your touch

Memories we shared race through my mind

Reminded of a special moment in time

As I slid that ring on your finger

Promising you forever

Not knowing I was to hold off loving you

Until you felt it too

I have no worries of losing you

One day soon, you and I will make it through

This is not goodbye

For I am patient and I will wait for you.


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