I can never get you off my mind

I count down the days till you can be in my arms

once more

No more crying myself to sleep

Because I must be strong for you

I must not give up

For a world without you

Is a world thats not good enough to me

The sparkle in your eye

Keeps me fixed upon you

I never want to let go

As I hold you tight in my arms

your warmth is like a blanket

It traps me in happiness and overwhelms me

And the days I know you are leaving

Are the days I cant let go

I always long for your return

And time lasts an eternity

But I shall wait and never give up

For I know you will come back to me

And though Im not the most important

I still stand by your side

In hopes that one day

I will marry you

And never have to leave again

When darkness rolls in

And our souls get trapped

Just know that

Ill always have your back

And when it feels like there is nothing left

And you are giving up

I will always lift you up

And give you a reason to get back up

For in the end

We can live together


Knowing that 

It was all worth the wait


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