From a Distance

The sun may rise everyday, Birds may sing,Flowers may bloom, A perfect picture of life.Tick, tick, tick,Time moves slowly when you're nervous.Nervous about yourself.Nervous about the pain.Nervous about what they’ll say today.Anxiety builds up inside. Triggers your sanity to flee. The ticks return,Every second an eternity,Every breath lengtheningEvery muscle begins to ache.Depression!Slows time. Every voice starts shouting,Yelling,Screaming; at you. You hear the words “It’ll get better”“Just get over it.”But let me tell you that those voices you hear are the sounds of oppression, your mentality slowly dying, holding you back, forcing you down that dark descent deep within your soul where your demons dig destroying what fibers hold your life in place.Your eyes close for just a second. The taste of pills linger in your mouth, your wrists burn and your soul aches from the constant pain. As if a bullet struck your chest you grasp your heart.Snap!Your eyes flash open. Reality dissipates as you return to your masquerade they call life. Tick, tick, tick.The ticking time bomb that is my mind goes quiet.You.Sitting there.With your sight my eyes were reborn. The thunderstorm that filled the iris dissipates, they’re brilliant blue shining through. You.Your eyes.Their sparkling shimmerShining with the warmth of the sun.Tick, tick, tick.The tingling ticking slows,Your smile piercing the night that is my heart. Joy, in its purest form fills my heart, a forgotten childhood illuminates my face.They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but when the windows are closed the world goes by, and your soul slowly dies.Isn't it sad we let our world go by, every unique individual moment escape?You never know what tomorrow’s going to hold, so make the best of today.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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