Dissonance of the Sun

Sat, 03/18/2017 - 02:11 -- graced

Hark! Calls my captain, may peace be with him.

The eagle on his shoulder, screeching, cawing –

His body so drapèd in red and blue, a contrast

To his pale, ghostly white skin.


Aye! Calls I, may the peace of me be kept

The eagle on my shoulder, soaring, spreading –

Along with the dress of spangled stars ‘n tasseled stripes

Revealing a dark surface, that of sun-dried fruit, a treasure loot,

And summer days spent too long in the sun.


My captain, he is all I have. With every step he takes, I follow.

No matter the drops of red on deck, nor the scarlet rain on my face.

My captain, he is all I need. Wherever he goes I go,

No matter how the white light burns my body and eyes.


My captain, he is my home

In times, there he stands, light shining upon him,

Dazzling ever so brightly, the star of my life.

But in times, he pushes me away,

Because unlike him, I am not made of snow.

The yellow heat of my skin, he says, would burn him down low.

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My country
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