Diseased Time

The sickness corrupted everything, 
But time.
Because time cannot be stopped by a mere cold, 
or a devastating disease,
Nor can it stop diseases
From wiping us all out.

No, time just marches on,
Not giving a thought about the world around it,
Not caring if people are in dilemmas
That could only be stopped 
if time itself stopped,
not caring if thoughts could be thought better,
if time slowed down a bit,
not even caring if young love,
the most precious feeling in the world,
could stay just a little more.

No, time has its own schedule.
It has a line to follow.
It can’t backtrack, or speed up,
Or take a more curvier road.
Time is like a car,
If it was set on one speed level,
And could only drive on one straight road,
And didn’t have any break pedals.
And besides, there’s nothing blocking it.
No other cars to crash into,
No animals to stop for,
No pedestrians to watch out for.

No, time is perfectly happy where it is.
It’s only those who wish
They had a little more time 
To spend with family,
That they had enough time to accomplish 
Everything they want to do,
That they could do more,
See more,
Be more,
If only there was more time.

Time isn’t some reckless youth, 
That has all the time in the world.
It’s the youth that now wish
They had more time to live.


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