A disease named Lyme


She hides in her room full of gloom.
The only place she feels safe.
Away from the world and all of its hate, she'll wait.
Wait for the day she can walk outside and not suffocate.
She'll breathe that toxic air and fake a smile to the ones she calls friends.
But these people aren't her friends, 
They're just there to fill the lonely void.
The vacancy in the heart has been there from the start.
But these fake people all around her don't fill  the emptiness with happiness.
They fill it with broken promises and fear.
Fear that she'll never be happy or find somewhere she belongs.
She's striving to feel alright. 
Or just to feel at all.The doctors pump her full of drugs, that would put a grown man on his knees.

All to cure the incurable thing multiplying inside her.

She wasn't crazy,
Or at least she hoped not.
At night sometimes things seemed too hard to bare
So shed contemplate suicide
And left scars hidden all over her body
Like some kind of map 
That if you follow long enough you could trace back
Back to the heart and the source of the pain.
This pain was hidden so well,
No one would guess the things she's seen or done
Because when you look at her,
She's just a silly girl who's always smiling 
And tripping over her own two feet
But those feet were so uncertain when they stepped
Like the were too heavy for her small body to move.
She wasn't going to make it much longer.
She shouldn't have made it this long. 
I don't know if it was her determination to live,
Or the fear to die that kept her here.
But she's here now,
Walking through your busy infected streets.
Being bumped into by all you mindless zombies.
And if you see her, the girl walking heavily
But smiling so big.
Take her hand.
And walk with her.


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