The Disease

All around the world, people are contracting a mental disease.

Once you catch it, it destroys your whole family.

Everyone swears up and down, it’ll never come to them.

But it’s a clever little germ, and you unknowingly let it in.

The symptoms of this disease start out quite small.

You begin to forget some of your promises and your lies grow tall.

This puts a slight strain on your family, and next,

You start to quarrel, and with each other, you become vexed.

At this point, you might go to the doctor to obtain a cure,

But the doctor never helps; of this you can be sure.

By now, the death of your family is near,

And the final stages of this sickness are put into gear.

You will begin to pay money to argue and scream

Over your possessions and kids, as absurd as it may seem.

When this task is complete, you’ll say good bye,

As your kids beg you not to go and they begin to cry.

The pain and effects of this disease last forever,

As if your world is upside down, and your heart has been severed.

Your family is now completely dead,

But this sickness will continue to spread.

You might be wondering how to avoid this horrible disease.

Follow these tips, and with the results, you’ll be pleased.

Forgive your family for everything they’ve done.

This will greatly help out in the long run.

Say you’re sorry after any fight,

And do whatever it takes to make things right.

The little things really do count.

I hope, by now, you’ve figured this out.

And the most important of them all, the one you must not forget.

It’s really quite simple, you must admit.

Never forget your vows, made on that special day,

The ones in which you swore, with your spouse, to forever stay.

For better and for worse, in sickness and in health.

For good times and bad, in poorness and in wealth.

Honor your vows until the day you die.

It may seem difficult, but it’s worth a try.

And if you uphold your vows well,

You won’t need a divorce or to put your kids through Hell.



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