Nik: Knock, knock

Kain:  Who’s there?

Nik: Jehovah.

Kain: Jehovah who?

Nik: Jehovah witnesses.

Hi, I’m here to tell you about Jesus--

Kain: I don’t want to hear it.                                                                                                                                                                                   


Kain: Immatures getting killed

Nik Over young boys

TG: It’s not attractive It’s absurd

TG: The way we distinguish ourselves is like we’re cutting humanity up into many pieces.

Kain: I see humans

Nik: But no humanity

TG: Its like

Nik: Sorry you can't sit here. That seat is for white people

Kain: black people in the back

TG: Its like

Nik: I’m a Christian

Kain: Well you can go to hell with that cause I'm Jewish

TG: But aren't we all humans?

Nik: Because the same way your blood runs through your veins

Kain: Is the same way my blood runs through my veins

Nik: Having a religion

Kain: Is not being religious

Kain: Everytime I walk down the street with my scarf around my head, people stop and stare like

Nik: Oh my gawsh, is that a Muslim I see? Watch out everyone before she blows up our city

TG: Its not funny.

Nik: The world is coming to an end

Tg: Blame the Muslims

Kain: I just seen a tower fall down

Tg:Blame the Muslims

Kain: I am not Osoma Bin Landen

Tg: One persons mistakes does not describe my culture

Kain: Dont rape me off my pride

Nik: And try to lower me when I rise

Kain: Because While you pointing your finger at me

Tg: Remember, there’s three fingers pointing back.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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