Disco with a Vertical Fish

Loopy with a touch of sleep?

Take the long road back to home.

The beat goes high and goes deep.

Don't worry, the floor's made of foam.


The flipper is ubquitous in terms of skill.

Waltz in, my friend, and go in for the kill.




Red, white, and blue

The floor is so fine; it is so cool!

Glassy sky and morning dew

No color escapes the beatmaster's tool.


Moonwalk the walk; backstroke the sea.

Shake it and let this party fill with glee.




Listen here, yellowtail of the seven shows,

He who flips and he who knows.

Know that today is your loss,

As you succumb to the floss.


Flippers, beware

The dancefloor is in for a scare.


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