Discipline Yourself


South Korea

I’m pursuing the career of an actor, anyone can say that

However, as time goes by you have to work harder

And you must stay consistent with it


I became lazy

I became more concerned with my friends

I want to be famous

But I didn’t put in the work towards a successful end.


Because of that I am facing the consequences

I was upset

Then as I went through my thought process

I realized it’s not the end of it.


I still live with my parents and I am working while taking college classes

I am not happy with it

However, it became a part of my process.

I continue to deal with it.


I grew up and realized this world doesn’t care.

You have to put in the work, if you have a dream

And life is not fair.


This is why, I now take things seriously.

Because not everyone likes being in this position

I want to be an actor professionally

And I myself will make the work be put in


No one else can make a dream come true

The only person who can make that dream come true, is you.


I am not gonna let failure along the way, alter my dreams and goals.

Everyone must get back up, no matter how hard they fall.


No one wants to be at a dead end job, stocking store shelves.

So if anyone has a dream, grow up, work hard

But most importantly discipline yourself.


Realize what it takes to get that dream and get those goals.

Otherwise, you’ll never get that dream

And life shall always make you fall.


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