The Director's Cut of Social Justice


clip after clip, this movie has been going on. 

Drink after drink murderous man goes on

Race after race, peace has gone wrong

Scene after scene, each goes long


Behind the scenes, inbetween the subtle dreams of wretched things,

the King, upon His throne, calling the shots here and there alone

He sees, what we cannot see, these trees, growing to one day be on me

Before this scene, it seems, that cliff up there, unseen

There, a shadow trips over pride and castrates his heart from inside

His bride, dangling in his hand, her band, surprise, she can't stand

they fall, eight ball corner pocket, darkness into darkness, heart into the locket

Justice falls onto these social beings and it seems, the spikes on the bottom will

dash them peice to peice.

Fast Forward,

On their way down, their crowns, thirsting for earth and its ground

Bow down, they tell their wretched seeds, from which grows the encompassing weeds




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