The Diplomat

Wed, 04/23/2014 - 22:25 -- lysdez


United States

There's a certain eloquence of deed

A satisfaction beyond bewilderment

You can tell me that I can't

And that I won't

But there's a drive in my heart

And no breaks in my step


I want to see things 


I want to walk on the warm silk sands of Saint Lucia 

I want to fly over the flavelas of Rio de Janiero

I want to treasure the tedious technicalities of the Taji Mahal

But most of all I want to talk


Yea talk



Because words are the beginnings and endings of everything

Every conflict carried through

Every Confidence kept confidential

Every War

Every death

Every soldier

Depending on what I have to say and how I say it


Diplomacy dictates the direction of the country

Counter claims and counter arguments control the standing of the state

And it is within this breach of service that an individual begins to see

To understand

To mend

The Madness we call our world


I'm American


There is no denying our pride 

Our principals applied

Apart from the appearance of complete precision

We are flawed because we are blind


But I want to see things


I want to set sights on symphonies in Singapore

I want to mull over monasteries in Mexico

I want to immerse in the cuisine of Cairo

Yes, I want to eat a very large bowl of Pasta in Naples

But most of all I want to talk


I want to talk tales of tea with tyrants

Stories of sadness with Skippers

Laughs with Libyan Lords

Reports of Russian rebellion

And hopefully United fronts in Ukraine


Yes, I want to see things


One Job… May change your life

May alter the apprehension of aliens

May converse countless cultures into practice

May give grounds of wisdom you never even dreamed you would grasp

All because

I wanted to see things.


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