This whole entire time I thought I was mentally translucent,My focus was not there,I struggled amongst the darkness within my cognitive developments from youth,this is the type of storms I battled thinking to myself, was life the game of clue?I aspired to be Me, Who ever that might be.Was I a failure?That's not who I'm set out to be.Although, that's what my mind did to play tricks on me.I couldn't reach,I couldn't climb,I couldn't aspire,I couldn't presever,I always felt beneath the degrees,Under a fahrenheit beneath the seas,All along,I climbed,I reached, I aspired,  I found me,I dug up above the soil,to claim my name,this was life of no games,I believed,I persevered,Above the concrete and above all the seas,I found warmth and comfort in my heart,In my forever soul,In my journey,I found the hottest degrees,that conquered my path,the road to succeed,It was visible to me all along. 

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My community


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