Dionysus Goes Shopping

"Um, excuse me, maam?

Yes, you. Where could I find some

Of your freshest grapes?"


She told me aisle

Seven, but that's almost as

Helpful as the map


Daedalus gave me

Of his Labyrinth, the absolute

imbecile. Now I'm


wandering in this -- 

what is it called again? Oh, 

right. "Sue Parmar Kette."


I'm just trying to

Make some wine, not solve this maze!

I'm the god of Wine!


I don't solve puzzles,

Especially those made from

Mere Mortals!


I'm by bananas again... 

I guess Mortals aren't so mere,

As long as that one


Woman tells me where

These grapes are instead of one

of her riddles! Gah!




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