dinosaur love

First love.

fanciful flashes, yearning youth, a


of nuanced naïtivity,

A forever trapped within the shortness of a year,

heartbreak the bars of your heavy heart.


A forever ago, losing Love was the only tragedy that mattered.

In some ways it was expected.

When things got intense, you squished under pressure

Love for me compressing like a piece of coal stuck under thousands of layers

Like your love for me belonged buried in the ground.

Except this didn’t come out like I expected it to.

People always say that diamonds are made under pressure, but instead our love turned into lumps of soulless coal.

Now we belong to a time period where things were different.

Fossils in a world of glittering jewels.



You are everything I wanted but now...

Bones pulled into a memory, pulled into a scene

On display for the whole world to see.




Capture, me with your skills

Please Run after me, I know you can

Hunt me down and use the sharp edges of your words to tear into the soft flesh that would never survive against the thick skin of yours  


Turning back time is a fantasy.


Rewind to BEfore the catalyst

Before the meteor crashed into our lives

Rocked our world

Burned what was left of our love.


But no.

Millions of years from now I might be able to swim

come up from the water

Might be able to breath air,

To crawl


Build cities on top of the ruin that was us-


walk around and fool myself that we never existed.

some day, sometimes,

Imagination will be the driving force behind digging up milk white lies that were the bones of everything we used to be.


for now…

I will stay.

I will bathe in the embers of my sorrow

Blind myself with the smaug from the fire

Be alone.


Take a deep breath.


We are ancient.

We are long gone, light from a love dead star casting our shadows.


And you? You are no more.

My first love, no more.


I have lost my dinosaur love.


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