Dinner Time (A Month Later)


It has been a month,

Since you left,

With moonlight in your suitcase.

And my internal clock is

Ticking slower and slower.

The clickclacking of mechanical parts-

Wires sparking.

Reminding me to breathe, eat,

Though I do forget to sleep.


It has been a month,

And the tide is receading.

Sandy beaches clinging on to

Wet, sloppy kisses.

The mistake realized

With the note left on the shore.


It has been a month,

And I have been cooking on the stove top,

Eating cold turkey.

My pot is boiling over,




I hate you

The wave hates sand

I hate you

The moon hates night

I hate you

The fire hates heat

I hate you

The lung hates air

I hate you

The clock hates time

I hate you,

You bastard of melancholy

and sneak thief of day-dreams.

Trickster of temporal emotions,

Crafty weaver of pointless promises,

You, the unrequited lover

and creator of loveless kisses.


I hate you.


Do you have time for dinner?



Haha wow! Two comments from you in one evening, I'm charmed!

Thank you again for the wonderful comments, I'm glad that you enjoy some of my work.

It's really humbling :)


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