dinner party on a monday night

Tue, 11/03/2015 - 10:13 -- cb1102

To love and peace in a world of blood and ruin

To a new life in a world of no opportunity

To truth among the hypocrisy

To smiles that hide the rage

To the strength to power on

To the outcasts in a world where fitting in is all the rage

To words, sentences, speeches, declarations, and confessions riddled with lies

To the celebration of the bare necessities

To the illusion of equality

To the naivety of the privileged

To all the try-harders

To all the it-gets-betters

To those who have the benefit of not having to understand

To those who don’t bother

To the self-taught

To the patient and the impatient and the indignant

To the saving graces

To the death of hope and the resurrection of hope

To the faith in another and the breaking of faith and apologies

To the hand of warmth and the shoulder of ice

To the sick and the tired

To the ones who couldn’t see the light

To the ones who know there is no light

To the ones who continue to believe in a Light

To the righteous, the pious, and the wise

To the ones who refuse to stop

To the waiting

To the ones already there


To You.


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