Stranded on an island,

I cannot forget my dignity. I cannot forget the things society has given me.

No cannibalism for me.

No unfair monarchy.

No Lord of the Flies-type disregard for me. I will not set the island on fire. 

I will not hunt mercilessly to the environment.

I will leave some pigs alive and not steal all the fruit.

I will make sure everything is left intact upon my rescue. 

I cannot forget the rules because being human will no longer be cool.


It will be a thing of the past, a foggy fad.

I am afraid I would go internally mad. 


What’s the thing that makes us all human? 


If I go on an island,

I will make sure I bring my democracy to it.

Which is dignity, the thing by which I stand.


I want to be an alien to no man. 

One day I will meet a visitor upon that island. 

I will be an example:


My dignity as a human will shine like a tantalizing apple,


It will feed like a poor man’s chapel; 


Being marooned on that island will no longer seem like a hassle.


With dignity,

I shall feel at home like a cool Snapple in my hand. I can taste the conversion of beast to man. Order will be kept by dignity’s hand.

And lead us stranded to the familiar land.

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Our world
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