Sun, 01/18/2015 - 01:23 -- k8carr

Moments, epiphanies, instants of realization aren’t mine; I won

Struggle, journey, lessons taught by time,


The Divorce was logical: they separated,

Then Divorced. Since then I’ve learned the story,

Understood what happened, the depth-the

Why. But it was difficult.



I couldn’t ask him.

My reality of him ocean waves in a Storm, tossed with

Howls of friendly inconsistent wind. It was water but it was

Rising, falling. Too difficult.


I turned to her. Her sense and

Understanding --an anchor in my Storm of emotions. She

Knew more, she shared her story,

I learned love, took a

Link from her chain--made my own rock, and

Loved the sea that was opaque. It was difficult.



As the Storm died I found the murky water as it had been

Before, loving, listening, Consistent. I searched for the

Cause of my panic. A new spy glass, the

Lenses unfocused without

Age. My head deceived by past Perceptions, by

Youth, yet love had always been

There--though I found it difficult.

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My family
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