Different Views

Sometimes I just get fed up

With everyone trying to tell me to stay up

Cause truth is no one knows what you go through

Only until it becomes their problem too

This world is pretty cynical

But don’t be too critical

Cause in the end it’s what you make out of it

Like they say it either makes you or breaks you

The world won’t ever stop for you

Time keeps ticking

With or without you

Worry about yourself and keep going  

But enough with this negativity

Let’s change it up and start some creativity

It’s not always gloomy

Some light will shine and show positivity

It’s all on how you see the panorama

That will change your view

For the worst or for the better

There’s always a side blacker or whiter

No one is ever neutral

And it’s these things that we see with our pupils

That makes up our views of this world and the people in it.


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